Salt Potatoes


prep 0:05       total 0:20


6 to 8 servings



1 lb. salt
4 lbs. sm. new potatoes
1/2 lb. melted butter


Wash the potatoes. Put the potatoes in a large pot and cover with water. Add one pound of salt. Bring to a boil and cook until fork tender. Serve with melted butter and dip potatoes into butter.

Author's Comments

When I lived in up state New York this was one of the big side dishes at clam bakes & cook-outs.

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15 Recipe Reviews


tomb reviewed Salt Potatoes on December 27, 2004

OK, Einar where in up state New York did you live? Not many people too far from Syracuse know about Salt Potatoes.


mrsalemp reviewed Salt Potatoes on June 22, 2005

So simple to make that I feel stupid for spending the years since I've moved missing them! Thank you!


burggurl reviewed Salt Potatoes on June 25, 2005

I'm making these in a pressure cooker - maybe they'll cook even faster. I have to say that I live in Upstate New York (in Watertown) and I have never known these to be "from" here as the first time we've ever had them was while we lived in Belgium! They even add minced garlic to the butter....


ryansnyder reviewed Salt Potatoes on September 5, 2005

Scrumptious and about the easiest darned thing to make! My family is from Ohio and no one had heard of salt potatoes before. But my grandmother said she would make this a regular dish at family gatherings. Next time I'll try the garlic recommendation -- that sounds fun!


cmarsh6744 reviewed Salt Potatoes on April 6, 2006

I'm a GRITS (girl raised in the south!) and heard about salt potatoes from family that moved to Syracuse. Wow, these are wonderful. Love them, love them, love them....


dmheitz reviewed Salt Potatoes on May 29, 2006

Lived in Utica, NY (just east of Syracuse) for 30 years, salt potatoes were a part of every clambake.


mybrother reviewed Salt Potatoes on August 23, 2006

I tried these in Fairport NY on the Erie Canal. A caterer was offering these with great Bar-B-Qued Chicken. He told me it was "NY Thing"!


johnpurdy reviewed Salt Potatoes on September 10, 2006

I grew up on clam bakes and salt potatoes in the Upstate. Now live in the South where Oyster Roasts hav replaced clam bakes. I have introduced the natives to salt potatoes. They are always a hit. A great side dish for oysters and low country boil.


dustywalker reviewed Salt Potatoes on June 22, 2007

I am from Bangor Maine and i have never ever heard of salt potatoes until i was talking to a friend of mine thats from NY and he was telling me he was having salt potatoes for supper. I had to ask........ WHAT THE HECK ARE THOSE? I had no clue.


vjones55 reviewed Salt Potatoes on February 10, 2008

I'm glad I found this. I had salt potatoes 30 years ago, near Ft Drum, Watertown. They were so good and I could never find the recipe. Last week I was thinking about them (mouth watering) and figured I could find a recipe on the internet. I must have eaten 5 pounds then, better not now.


abea reviewed Salt Potatoes on May 26, 2008

I moved to Syracuse from CA, and I am frequently up in Oswego to sail on the lake. Yesterday my yacht club had a BBQ/clam bake, and I made the salt potatoes. I got so many compliments using your recipe. Wonderful!!!


jeank19 reviewed Salt Potatoes on June 1, 2008

I lived in the Syracuse area for several years and then moved to PA. I drove them crazy at he farmers market asking for new SMALL potatoes, till I finally told them about Salt Potatoes and then they shared it with everyone and I still had a hard time getting there early enough in the day to get them befre they were gone.


slouise217 reviewed Salt Potatoes on July 19, 2008

I grew up in North Syracuse and went to school with a Hinerwadel girl - Hinerwadel's is THE place to go for clambakes and salt potatoes, and is right across the street from where I went to high school. I miss coneys from Heid's a lot, but salt potatoes are a close second.


snowcat45 reviewed Salt Potatoes on December 5, 2011

I now live in the south where they boil peanuts in salt water. I introduced my girlfriend to salt I got to get her hooked on cherrystone clams as well


kgsm51 reviewed Salt Potatoes on June 25, 2014

This one of my favorites but I never heard of it being from upstate New York. I'm from Carthage(near Watertown) and although I grew up eating these I always heard they were from Ireland.