prep 0:30       total 80 days


1 batches



1-5/8 qt. 100 Proof Unflavored Vodka.
15 whole lemons
4 cups sugar
5 cups water
1 lg. One Gallon Glass Jar with screw on lid.

Alternate Cellos

2 cups fresh blueberries.
1 pint of freah raspberries.
8 Organic oranges.


Zest the 15 lemons try not to get any white pith with it.( I use a vegtable peeler)Put the zest into the glass jar. Pour in one bottle of Vodka. Store in a dark closet for 40 days. Shake the jar at least once a week just to move the zest around.You will see the vodka picking up the yellow color from the zest.

After the first 40 Days:

Pour in the second bottle of Vodka.And also make a Simple Syrup with the 4 Cups of Sugar and 5 Cups of water.Put the water in a pot on the stove and add the sugar. Heat just long enough to dissolve the sugar. Let the syrup cool to room temp. Then add it to the jar as well. Let that now sit in the dark closet for 40 more day and shake it once a week as well. After the next 40 days Strain out the zest and rebottle. It is now ready to drink.

Author's Comments

You will need to save the bottles and also you will need a 3RD.One To rebottle it. We keep it frozen with shot glasses in the freezer.

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