Ukrainian Kyshka Sausage



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2 cups buckwheat groats
8 cups boiling water or
soup stock
4 tbsp. lard
Salt and pepper
1 cup fresh pig's or
calf's blood
Sausage casing


Stir the groats into the rapidly boiling water, and add the lard and seasoning. Cook over a high heat, stirring a few times, until the mixture thickens. Remove from the range. Taste critically for seasoning and add more, if necessary. Cool slightly. Strain the blood and combine it with the buckwheat. This mixture should not be too thick. While still warm, fill the casing three-quarters full and tie the ends securely with a string. Do not overfill. Cook the sausage by one of the following methods:

1. Place the sausage in a greased baking pan, brush with melted fat, and cook, uncovered, in a moderate oven 350 degree F. for about 1-1/2 hours or until done. When partially cooked, prick the sausage in several places with a needle to prevent cracking.

2. Place the sausage in a greased baking pan and add enough water to barely cover. Cook as directed in the above method.

Remove and serve hot. Kyshka keeps well when refrigerated. It may be reheated whole, or cut in slices, and then browned on both sides in hot butter.

Author's Comments

For the folks who like this kind of sausage. Some meat dealers who specialize in European meat products feature this old-fashioned sausage ready-cooked. But a home-made one is far superior in quality. Cleaned and ready-to-use sausage casings as well as fresh animal blood may be obtained from any meat dealer. For a richer flavor, cook the buckwheat groats in soup stock instead of water.

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