The Best Bloody Mary Drink You Will Ever have!

A bloody Mary recipe that only 5 star restaurants know how to make! Simply Awesome!


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1 servings



1 Tomato Juice (12 oz,Campbell's, or
2 Fresh squeezed lemon juice
3 Fresh squeezed lime juice
4 A-1 steak sauce (1 tsp)
5 Worcestershire sauce (1 tsp)
6 Olive juice (1 tbsp)
7 Hot sauce (not tabasco) (1 tsp)
8 Celery seeds crushed or
powder (not salt)
9 Grey Goose Vodka (2 oz)


Use a large 16-20 oz glass. Wet the rim with a piece of fresh lime. Then dip the glass rim into a mixture of sea salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Add ice about half way up. Mix all of the ingredients in a separate container and then pour into the salt rimmed glass with the ice. Squeeze fresh lemon and lime on top and add a celery stick....Enjoy!!!!!!!

Author's Comments

This will be the best Bloody Mary drink you will ever make...You can of course add garnishes such as shrimp or olives....All your friends will want the recipe but you will just say that its a family secret!

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Yes this is the best recipe for bloody marys


I was pumped to try it, got all ingredients together and was crushing the celery seeds then noticed the amount was omitted from ingredients list. I'm going to wing it since I have all the stuff on the countertop but please let me know how much to use. I'm new to this site and forgot to look over the app before posting so I hope the author of this recipe gets notice of my post.


I tried this recipe and was pleasantly surprised at how great it tasted; probably among the best that I have had! I will continue to make this drink for my guests the same way.