Sour Cream Burgers



1 servings



2 tbsp. sour cream
1 tbsp. sliced green onions
2 tsp. fine dry breadcrumbs
1/8 tsp. salt
1 dash pepper
1/4 lb. lean ground beef
1 hamburger bun, split, toasted and buttered
Lettuce leaves
1 slice tomatoes, thinly sliced
Sour cream (optional)


Stir together 2 tbsp. sour cream, green onion, bread crumbs, salt and freshly ground pepper. Add ground beef; mix well. Shape the ground beef mixture into one 3/4-inch thick patty. Place the patty in a small baking dish. Loosely cover with clear plastic wrap or waxed paper. Micro-cook, loosely covered, on 100% power for 1-1/2 to 2 minutes.

Turn patty over; rotate the baking dish a half turn. Micro-cook, loosely covered, on 100% power for another 1-1/2 to 2 minutes or until done. Drain off fat. Serve on toasted bun with lettuce and tomato. Dolop with additional sour cream, if desired.

Author's Comments

I made this yesterday and doubled the recipe for DH and I. It was very moist and tasty. It made a great tasting hamburger. It would also be good with potatoes and a vegetable. I didn't use the microwave, I just fried it up.

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