Ripe Tomato Wine


prep 11:00       total 2 days



8 lbs. ripe tomatoes
2 gal. water
8 lbs. white sugar
4 oranges, sliced, with rinds
3 lemons, sliced, with rinds
1 cake yeast
1-1/2 lb. frozen grape juice
1 slice white bread, toasted
1 crock, five gallon


Mash tomatoes in crock and pour water over. Let stand 48 hours, stirring several times daily.

Strain into kettle, add grape juice and sugar. Bring to a boil. Clean crock. Remove mixture from stove and pour liquid back into crock. Add oranges and lemons.

Place one piece of toasted white bread on top of juice. Put yeast on center of toast. Let stand approximately 9 days or until done working. Strain thru cheesecloth, once or twice. Bottle. Do not screw caps on tight for awhile. Drink slowly.

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jennifer reviewed Ripe Tomato Wine on August 16, 2004

My step mom makes tomato wine and says that it tastes like ripe sweet bannanas,does your recipe tast like this ,i ask because i dont think she uses anything other than tomatoes ripe of course and sugar?