Pizza con la Ricotta


prep 0:40       total 2:00


6 servings




1-1/8 lb. white flour
2/3 oz. yeast
3 tbsp. olive oil
1 dash salt


8-7/8 oz. fresh ricotta
3-1/2 oz. prosciutto crudo, chopped
1-3/4 oz. grated pecorino
2 eggs
Lard or
Salt and pepper


Dilute yeast in a little lukewarm warm water; add to flour with a pinch of salt and mix. Add oil and enough milk to obtain the normal dough consistency for bread. Knead the dough, then let it raise for 1 hour in a warm place.

After the dough has risen, divide into 2 parts, one a little larger than the other. Grease a cake pan (such as a springform cake pan) with lard or oil. With larger part flatten out and cover the bottom and sides of the cake pan. Spread ricotta, prosciutto, eggs (hard boiled and cut into pieces), ground parsley, grated pecorino, and the salt and pepper. With the other smaller piece of dough, cover and close sides well. Make holes in top with fork. Lightly brush top of crust with olive oil. Bake at 180°C/350°F until done (about 45 minutes or until brown).

Author's Comments

I translated a few recipes from an Italian cookbook my mother has and I had to share them with everyone. The recipes I translated are traditional Calabrese. <br />
<br />
Also, many true Italian recipes don&#039;t give exact amounts of ingredients, it&#039;s done by taste and look. So try and try again if something doesn&#039;t seem right, that&#039;s what makes Italian cooking fun!

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ryansnyder reviewed Pizza con la Ricotta on January 4, 2005

This was really good. The ricotta made the filling moist, but not moist enough for my taste. The next time I make this, I will include a side of pizza sauce for dipping. Fun recipe!