A negroni is arguably the best apertif.


prep 0:04       total 0:04


1 servings



2 fl. oz. gin
1/2 fl. oz. sweet vemouth
1/2 fl. oz. Campari
Burnt orange peel, for garnish


Add the gin, vermouth and Campari to an empty cocktail shaker. Fill with ice. Stir with a bar spoon until the outside is cold. Strain into a martini glass.

For the orange peel, cut a thumb-sized slice of fresh orange peel, retaining as much of the white pith as possible. Strike a match, and gently brush the flame against the orange side of the peel. Hold the peel above the glass, and over the flame pinch the peel to release the oils into the drink. The oils should burst into a short flame. Drop the orange peel into the glass, and serve.

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