Moldavian Stew


prep 2:00       total 2:00


4 servings



Home made pork sausages
Smoked smaller sausages (allegedly roebuck sausages)
Beef and chicken meat (this is where the name is not very accurate but close enough for me)
Onion and garlic
Tomato sauce
Salt and pepper


Fry the ingredients separately. I fried the sausages completely and the meat 80-90%. As a sign of the pork sausages quality they left a very clean sauce which I then used partially to cook the onion and the eggs.

In the same time prepare a traditional "mămăligă" (polenta) from corn flour and water. Sometimes the stew is served with extremely hot polenta but I do not like extremely hot dishes so I prepare the polenta from time so it has the time to cool down.

Brown the onion and when ready add salt, pepper, tomato sauce, water and add all the meat ingredients fried before. The sauce must cover the ingredients. Then boil everything for 10 minutes on a low flame such that all the smells and tastes can mix together for the delicious result.

Then, in some traditional clay dishes add the polenta, then the stew and on the top add a fried egg for each dish and enjoy.

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Moldavian stew, tocăniţă moldovenească

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