Mild Italian Sausage


prep 1:00       total 1 day


2 to 3 pounds



1 (5) pork butt
Pepper (ground)
Black pepper (butcher cut)
Spanish paprika
Whole fennel seed
Medium-sized natural casings


Cut and trim the pork butt, removing the bone and about 50% of the fat contained in the pork butt. Cut into 3 inch cubes.

Using the large cutter wheel of a grinder, grind all of the pork butt at least twice (this produces a rough ground pork, with enough fat to season the sausage well).

Season the sausage to taste with the salt and ground black pepper. Then add butcher cut black pepper and fennel seed and a dash or two of Spanish paprika. Mix well.

Using the sausage stuffing attachment of your grinder, and the natural casings, stuff the casings until firm, but not to excess or they will burst during cooking. Make sure all the air is out of the sausage as you stuff the casings.

Refrigerate at least 24 hours to make the seasonings blend well. Cook as any other sausage. In water first, then brown.

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