Lemon-Ginger Ale


prep 0:10       total 2 days 0:10


4 servings



2 tbsp. Water Kefir Grains
1 qt. filtered water
5 tbsp. Agave nectar or
rapadura sugar
Peel of one organic lemon
1 organic lemon sliced after peeling
1 knob of fresh ginger peeled and sliced


Add 1 quart water to large jar with screw on lid, leaving an inch or two of air at the top. Add agave or sugar and stir till dissolved. Add kefir grains, lemon peel, lemon slices, ginger slices.

Let sit on counter in a cool place (no direct sunlight) for two days up to 72 hours. Taste every 12 hours. When it is no longer sweet, and it is fizzy when you open it it is done. Strain out the kefir grains and fruit, and decant into air tight container and refrigerate.

Discard fruit and start a new batch with kefir grains, or store the grains in a small jar with water and a few TBL of agave. (Grains must be kept fed with sugar every few days until they are used again.)

Serve over ice for a refreshing and healthy drink.

Author's Comments

This is made with water kefir grains. A fizzy, slightly alcoholic soda--it is naturally fermented, thus full of nutrients, enzymes and priobiotics.

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