Island buttermilk cake

Island buttermilk cake: no eggs, no butter, just fresh berries and the magic ingredient.


prep 1:00       total 1:00


16 servings



3-7/8 oz. nut oil
7 oz. sugar
2 tbsp.sugar for sprinkling
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 tsp. salt
8-7/8 oz. plain flour
1/2 tsp. bicarb of soda
1/8 qt. buttermilk
1 cup fresh/ raspberries/blueberries


Butter and flour two miniature loaf tins or one 9x5 inch loaf tin. The miniature ones will bake a little quicker if you’re using the frozen berries.
Mix the oil and sugar in a bowl, add the nutmeg. Add the flour and salt and the bicarb of soda and mix in – the mixture will resemble wet sand. Add the buttermilk and mix into a greasy, smooth lump of dough.
Spoon a ¼ of the mix into each tin, or half if using a full sized loaf tin. Arrange the fruit in a layer, I used about 12-16 large frozen raspberries.
Spoon the remaining dough on top of the fruit, sprinkle with two tablespoons of sugar and bake for 30-40 minutes if using fresh fruit, and 60-70 minutes with frozen fruit.

Author's Comments

Weird cake! What a weird cake! Apart from being seriously weird it is also THE EASIEST CAKE in the world and that’s official. Bish-bash, bucket cake. Only four main ingredients: flour, sugar, oil and buttermilk and the last is the magic ingredient.
It was certainly one of those cakes that look wrong in the making, don't resemble cake batter and make you feel like heading for a disaster. A third into making it I thought: ‘This is wrong. It can’t come out as proper cake’, as I was working my way through what could be easily mistaken for wet sand. The next third in I went: ‘WTF…?’ as the batter looked like a greasy lump of alien substance. Then I spooned it into the tin, berries on top, thinking 'what a waste of good berries' as everything looked WRONG apart from berries. I resignedly stuck it in the oven…
… and some time later…
... much, much later as I was using frozen fruit…
What do you know? It was a cake.
It’s actually such a delicious – AND EASY – cake to make it should be included in self-help therapy. People who get depressed because nothing they touch ever comes out right should try their hand at doing this - it comes out so right, so unexpectedly and every time!

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