Iced Tea for One


prep 0:07      


1 servings



1 cup water
1 single serving tea bag (I like Luzianne for this)
Sweetener (such as Splenda) (optional)
Fresh lemon to taste *


Microwave water in a microwavable container (I use a plastic measuring cup) for 3 minutes or until the water just comes to a boil, time depending a lot on the wattage of your oven - so watch it until you learn how long this takes.

Add tea bag to cup and allow to steep for 4 minutes. Fill a 20 ounce glass with ice. Place lemon slice on top of ice. Remove tea bags from cup, and if adding sweetener, add it to the tea while warm. Pour hot brewed tea directly over ice, and stir. Drink up!

Author's Comments

This is great for if you are the only one wanting iced tea or if you can't finish a pitcher in a few hours.

I know some people like to make it and put it in the refrigerator for a few days. Don't get me started on this subject- because imnsho. tea has a very short life, much the same as coffee. And if you let tea sit like that- I don't know why, but it gets a slimy, swamplike taste and mouthfeel. I'd much rather have mine fresh, and won't drink it any other way.

* Do NOT use the juice in the bottle or squeeze container, it ruins the tea.

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