Hot Mulled Wine

Tasty hot spiced red-wine, traditionally used as a winter warm-up drink in the Alps.


prep 0:05       total 0:10


4 to 5 servings



750 ml Bottle of red-wine
One orange peeled or skin-on and washed, sliced into 1/4" thick slices
1/4 cup brandy
8-10 cloves
1/3 cup honey
3-4 cinnamon sticks
1 tsp fresh or 2 tsp ground ginger

Recipe can be easily doubled etc.


Place all ingredients in a kettle, or a pot.

Heat until very hot and steaming but avoid boiling - which will evaporate all the alcohol.

Turn off heat.

Stir to dissolve all the honey and mix all the flavours.

Author's Comments

The longer the wine sits with all the ingredients, the more tasty it will get. Can be re-heated.

Kettle makes it easy to serve immediately. A ladel can be used for serving, if you use a pot.

This is an amazing warm-me-up drink, served in fat mugs, in between toboggan runs or when taking a break while skating on our back-yard pond.

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