Ham and Sweet Potatoes




6 md. sweet potatoes
1 tbsp. butter or
1/2 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper
1 dash nutmeg
Milk, to whip potatoes
2 cups coarsely chopped cooked ham
2 tbsp. butter or
1/2 cup green pepper or
pimento strips
1 can (20 oz.) pineapple chunks in juice (drained)
2 tbsp. brown sugar
1 tbsp. cornstarch
3/4 cup pineapple juice
2 tbsp. vinegar


Cook, then mash potatoes. Add 1 tablespoon butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg, and enough milk to whip. Heat oven to 375°f. In a skillet saute the ham in 2 tablespoons butter stirring until golden. Add green pepper (or pimento) and pineapple chunks. Cook 2 or 3 minutes. Stir in combined brown sugar, cornstarch, juice, and vinegar. Cook, stirring until thickened and clear. Pour mixture into 9 inch pie plate or casserole dish. Drop spoonfuls of potato on top. Bake until hot in 375°F oven about 20-25 minutes.

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