Grandma Romine's Fried Squash


total 0:20


4 to 5 servings



2 to 4 squash, sliced
1/3 cup margarine or
1 cup flour
Salt and pepper
2 tbsp. sugar


Slice squash into fairly thin rounds. Mix flour with salt and pepper. Coat squash with flour mixture. Heat Butter in frying pan at a medium high temp and add coated squash. Sprinkle a thin layer of flour mixture over squash and continue to fry until squash it browned on both sides. (Careful not to overcook, as it can become too mushy.) As squash browns sprinkle with sugar. Serve Hot and Enjoy!

Author's Comments

This recipe is one I grew up with. My Grandmother is from Oklahoma and is the only person I know that can make a 7 course meal with all veggies. You can make this recipe with any type of squash you like but we usually use the yellow squash or zuchini.

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