Fried Green Tomatoes


prep 0:05       total 0:15


4 to 6 pieces



1 green tomato, sliced about 3/8-inch thick
1 cup white flour
2 tbsp. sugar
1 egg, beaten
6 Ritz crackers, crushed


Mix the flour and sugar in a dish. Put the beaten egg in a separate dish. Put the crushed crackers in another dish.

Dredge the tomato in the egg, then in the flour. Repeat. Dredge the floured tomato in the egg and then in the crackers. Fry in a frying pan with about 1/4 inch of vegetable or olive oil on medium-low heat until the breaded tomatoes are golden on each side. Flip once (takes about 2-3 minutes each side). If it's taking less than 2 minutes to cook, lower the heat or the tomatoes won't cook through and will be bitter.

Author's Comments

The tomatoes cooked with this recipe are good served hot or cold.

We serve this with cold cucumber-dill sauce -- mash or blend 1/2 a cucumber with about 3 T of sour cream. Add dill, salt and pepper to taste.

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