Costolette di Vitello alla Francese -- Veal Cutlets, french Style




8 veal cutlets, sliced from the leg and
pounded thin to about 1/8” thick
Bread crumbs, seasoned, finely
grated,and seasoned with Parmesan Cheese
1 tbsp. oregano
2 tbsp. parsley
4 lg. eggs, beaten slightly
1 cup milk
Salt and Pepper to taste


Have your butcher cut each veal cutlet
about 1/4 inches thick. Also have him
pound the cutlets to a thickness of about an
1/8 of an inch. (If you cannot get the
butcher to pound the veal cutlets thin, do it
yourself at home, but he cutlets ,must be
very thin) Dredge the cutlets in flour and
then into an egg milk mixture. Once im-
mersed in the egg wash mixture, bread the
cutlets with the breadcrumbs mixed with
the parsley, oregano and parmesan cheese.
Once breaded set each cutlet on a rack to
dry. Once dry repeat the procedure, except
for the dredging in flour.

Fry each cutlet in extra virgin olive oil until
lightly browned. Do not overcook as the
cutlets will become very tough.

Serve with lemon wedges.

Author's Comments

This recipe was made by my Mom at least once a week. We all loved veal, especially
cutlets, and the simple way of preparing them, by breading and then frying was great!
Served with a half of lemon to douse the cutlet in lemon juice made the flavors of the veal
even more pronounced. Sometimes she would cook a double batch of veal cutlets and
then later in the week turn those cutlets into Veal Parmesan. Equally delicious,

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