Chilaquiles (Authentic Mexican Stove Top Casserole)

I grew up eating this rustic dish and now i make it for MY family and friends.


prep 1:00       total 1:00


4 servings



1 sm. onion, diced
11 corn tortillas cut into 1-inch squares
2 cups canned mild enchilada sauce red or
1/2 cup black or
green olives sliced
1 cup shredded Qeso Fresco or
Jalapeno Jack cheese
Pico Pica mild Taco sauce to taste
Salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
1 lb. lean ground beef


In a large nonstick saute pan Brown off lean ground beef along with the diced onion,once the beef and onions are browned drain fat then add the tortilla squares to the mixture along with a little olive oil stir till tortillas are nice and hot, add the enchilada sauce,olives,and cheese, mix together well,once cheese is melted add the chopped cilantro then add the Pico Pica sauce to taste, salt & pepper to taste, as well, (topped off with sour cream and avocado are very nice additions)......................Enjoy (Don't have a picture of my beef chilaquiles but here is a picture of my vegetarian chilaquiles)

Author's Comments

This is my own little spin on the classic Chilaquiles dish..This Recipe is so easy and yummy and can be made many ways ........

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The Ingrediants to this recipe are posted up twice...I have asked the people at foodgeeks for a corection several time to no avail...anyway this is a great tasting recipe.....


This recipe works best using Corn Tortillas.