Beer Brauts


prep 0:15       total 6:00


1 to 2 pounds



1 to 2 lb. brautwursts
2 bottles favorite beer
1 lg. sweet onion
Tabasco sauce, to taste
Bakery rolls or
hotdog buns
Spicy mustard
1/2 clove fresh garlic


Day 1:
Chop one whole sweet onion and fresh garlic. Place bratwurts, onions and garlic in a sealable container. Pour beer and tobasco over bratwurst mixture. Seal container, shake well to coat, and refigerate overnight.

Day 2:
Pour entire contents in pot. Bring to boil or until bratwursts begin turning white. Remove Bratwurst from pot and place on barbeque grill for 5 to 10 mintues. Continue boiling beer and onion mixture until onions are soft. Strain onions.

Author's Comments

Serve onions and spicy mustard to garnish bratwursts.

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4 Recipe Reviews


beerman reviewed Beer Brauts on November 19, 2001

i eat these every day

Now enlightened

Now enlightened reviewed Beer Brauts on February 27, 2004

Well I had no idea what I was missing with the whole two day process. The extra time and effort really makes a difference. Thank you.


Rebecca reviewed Beer Brauts on May 17, 2004

Delicious! Just like I remember my folks cooking it.

alan kieckhafer

alan kieckhafer reviewed Beer Brauts on June 30, 2004

try one bottel beer one of water 6beef boulion cubes hobonaro peppers grill brauts first till they are ready to split then simmer in sause for 45 min add onion bell peppers till they are still crisp garnish enjoy