Aspragus is a perennial plant that produces edible shoots. There are three types of asparagus: White aspargus, which is grown in Alsace, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Lavender-tipped white asparagus grows in the Veneto region of northern Italy and select parts of France, such as the Loire Valley. Finally, green asparagus, the most flavorful of the three, is grown in California, Britain and France's Rhône Valley.

It is said to be native of central and southern Europe, as well as North Africa and western Asia. The name asparagus comes from classical Latin, but the plant was once known in English as "sperage" from medieval Latin "sparagus". The original Latin name has now supplanted the English word.

Asparagus shoots are typically prepared by being boiled or steamed. The French serve asparagus hot and topped with butter, while Italians often serve asparagus cold with a vinaigrette. The asparagus is one of the few vegetables that is acceptable to eat with your fingers.

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