Ukrainian Khrin (Fresh Ground Horseradish)


prep 0:30       total 1 day



1 (6) fresh horseradish root
1/2 cup white vinegar
2 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. sugar


Scrub horseradish, peel, and cut into 1 inch chunks. Grate chunks with a steel blade in processor, with feed tube covered. Heat vinegar with salt and sugar. With machine running, add to horseradish. Spoon into small glass jars, rapping gently to remove air, and seal. Refrigerated, horseradish stays fresh and pungent for 2 weeks or so.

Author's Comments

Use the food processor to grind horseradish, or grate by hand if you dare. Wear rubber gloves for protection. Do not breathe vapors; ventilate kitchen well. This prepared horseradish is used to flavor beets, hot white sauce, and many other bases as a condiment to eggs and meats.

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