A fortified wine from the Andalucia located in the souther part of Spain, notably the town of Jerez de la Frontera. Most sherries are produced from the Palomino Fino grape, while some sweeter versions are produced from the Muscat of Alexandria grape and / or the Pedro Ximénez grape.

The pressed grape juice is fermented, and the wine is fortified with brandy and placed in a solera. Flor, a natural yeast occurring in the wine, grows atop the wine and imparts the flavors that make sherry taste the way it does. Bodegas may create dry or sweet sherries, which will be indicated on the label.

Fino sherry is dry. Amontillado is a mature fino that is created by inactive flor. Oloroso is off-dry with a slight sweetness.

Manzanilla is sherry created in the area of Sanlúcar de Barrameda on the coast of Spain. It develops a thicker flor and takes notes from the sandy, sea shell soil in which the vines are grown.

Cream sherries and Pedro Ximénez sherries are often sweet.

Sherry should be served cold in a goblet or copita glass to allow its bouquet to be fully appreciated.

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