Piñata Apple

Piñata is a new apple variety with heirloom heritage. It originated in the 1970’s after researchers in Dresden-Pillnitz, Germany crossed the Golden Delicious, Cox’s Orange Pippin and the Duchess of Oldenburg varieties.

In 2004, Stemilt Growers—a tree fruit company based in Wenatchee, Washington, purchased the exclusive rights to grow and market Piñata in the United States.

Piñata apples are stripy red over an orange background. They are crisp and juicy with classic apple flavors and a tropical essence. Piñata’s unique heritage gives the apple strong versatility. It is excellent for eating out-of-hand or in salads and sauces. It also adapts well to cooking temperatures, making it great for baking and poaching.

Piñata apples are grown primarily in eastern Washington, where nearly 60% of the United States’ apples are grown. Stemilt harvests the apple in mid-October and it is available in stores between January and June.

To learn more, visit the official site, www.PinataApple.com

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